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Locks and Keys have helped secure our most important possession, our homes. Not only are locks and keys a vital part of protecting our property, but we’ve never imagined the big job they hold to keep the intruders away. Locks and keys are irreplaceable and have been part of our society for centuries. As times are changing, we’ve seen that their design has become more sophisticated and also offers more guaranteed protection from an offender. Like mentioned, as lock and key designs have become modern over the years, it also welcomes more complications like lockouts, losing keys, forgetting passcodes and even accidently setting off the alarm. But there is one company you can always reach out to during incidents like these that delivers prompt and reliable service, while also serving as a cheap locksmith in Chicago. Chicago Locksmith Store is the most trusted locksmith in Milwaukee Ave, Chicago. We are a one-stop locksmith shop providing services to residential, commercial, and automotive customers. Our services are affordable making us one of the best locksmiths in Chicago South Side.

For any lock and keys assistance or emergencies in Milwaukee Ave Chicago, you can call us anytime at 312-525-2031 to speak with one of our staff representatives. We provide quick assistance throughout Chicago South Side and our services are affordable.

About us

Chicago has a growing population of working professionals who come from all parts of the world to fulfil their dream. As the population is growing, so is the crime rate. Chicago’s crimes rates are creating a dent on the city’s reputation. We urge you to upgrade your security and protect your possessions with the right locksmith and security solutions!

For the sake of securing your properties, Chicago Locksmith Store is the best known locksmith in Milwaukee Ave, Chicago. Our company is the leading provider of locksmith services and we also cater to any and all kinds of security needs. It could be a lockout or a service of your digital lock, we promise to send trained technicians to your doorstep. We have a team of expert locksmiths with modern tools that allows to us to take on any new challenge.

Chicago Locksmith Store was established during an era where there was a steady rise in burglaries and theft. We wanted to put an end to it and were motivated to expand our business offerings. If you need suggestions about upgrading your locks or need a specialist to change your commercial locks keeping in mind the local laws, we are there for your every single need. All you need to do is call us and let us know your requirements. We are there for your service and will send a trained locksmith immediately to your doorstep.

24/7 Availability

We take emergencies seriously and hence we provide round-the-clock assistance to our customers in Chicago. Imagine getting locked out of your own car or break your house key. This can happen at any time of the day and you would need a locksmith immediately who understands the mechanism and will get you out of the situation fast. We are most reliable locksmith in Milwaukee Ave, Chicago and we want to help you out as fast as we can. And to prove this, we will arrive in under 30 minutes and get the issue sorted immediately!

Specialized Services

In today’s day and age digital locks are needed to keep your possessions safe but they also involve maintenance. Our professional locksmiths offer specialized services like reprogramming a transponder key, extraction of broken car key, installation of digital locks, rekeying locks and much more. We train our staff thoroughly and we conduct a stringent selection procedure to improve the quality of our workforce. This way our work is never compromised and you will be surprised to see how affordable we are! Chicago Locksmith Store is truly a trusted name for a locksmith in Chicago South Side.

Security Consultation

While there are different kinds of locks available in the market, there ought to be different tools to fix it. In case the repair of your lock takes a longer time, we have a policy of giving a replacement lock while we fix your old lock. This way your security remains intact even when the repair process is underway. Our team of emergency locksmiths are well aware on handling different kinds of locks and they ensure to provide support that’s customized to your needs. We also know the security laws well and don’t hesitate to get your current security assessed and provide recommendations to improve it.

Quick results

Quick service is a part of our USP and we take pride in providing quick services and offering on-the-spot solutions. When you call Chicago Locksmith Store during an emergency, we come to your rescue immediately. We urge you to be rest assured that your locks as they will be dealt with care and we will fix it as soon as we can. We are the fastest in providing quick results and also make sure that the work is absolutely damage-free and flawless.

Our Services

We are the leading providers of locksmith services in Milwaukee Ave, Chicago. Some of our services include the following:

Automotive locksmith:Car lockouts can be sudden and can put your entire day on a pause. With modern cars comes modern locking systems and complex keys and chances are you might forget the key inside your car and get locked out. Now if you’ve been in this situation, you probably know how terrifying it is. Panic makes us irrational and which is why people force their way into their vehicle. This can cause serious damage to the car and you can potentially lose your warrantee. Instead if case like this appears next time, all you need to do is call Chicago Locksmith Store at 312-525-2031. We are available 24/7 in Chicago South Side and will immediately come to your rescue!

Residential Locksmith: We often take locks and keys for granted and wait for them to get worn out completely before switching to a new one. But such cases can lead to bigger damages. We not only can fix your locks but we are also here to offer solutions to upgrade your home security to suit your budget. We fix everything from home lockouts, carry out rekeying, door lock replacement, make new keys and more. The best part is that since we are a cheap locksmith in Chicago, our residential locksmith services are not heavy on your pockets.

Commercial locksmith:The locks used in offices are often different in nature and design compared to locks at home. The office locks need to comply with the local building codes and certain state laws need to be followed during installations of commercial locks. To make sure you are doing the right thing, professional help from a locksmith is always needed. We have been servicing the local community for 10 years and so you don’t have to look around to find the requisite help! Chicago Locksmith Store is a trusted locksmith in Chicago South side when it comes to commercial installations, high security lock upgrades or even unlocking the filing cabinet. 

Emergency locksmith: Like we mentioned earlier, we take emergencies seriously. If you are locked out of your home because of broken or lost key, do not second guess and try to deal with the situation by yourself. Give us a call immediately. We are open 24/7, 356 days a year. We also have mobile vans driving around the city of Chicago with modern equipment. With that one call, we will send the nearest professional locksmith to your doorstep in less than 20 minutes.

After being in the business for nearly 10 years now, we can safely say that we are the best and affordable locksmith in Milwaukee Ave, Chicago. We take care of your every need keeping in mind your budget. Our mission is to provide you with best solutions to keep your properties and business safe. Don’t hesitate to call us at 312-525-2031 to learn more about our services!


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